Welcome to Apex Performance Vision

Brazos Valley's first and only clinic developed to vision training.

After 15 years of providing vision therapy within a small exam room in Precision Eye Care, our developmental optometrist Dr. Lisa Januskey realized that the Brazos Valley’s need for neuro-rehabilitation, perceptual therapy, sports vision, and vision therapy services had outgrown what could be provided in a primary care setting.  Therefore, on January 3, 2022, she opened Apex Performance Vision to pursue her passion of helping people with binocular vision disorders and provide solutions to people who were either told that there was nothing wrong with their eyes since they could see the 20/20 line or that nothing could be done to help them.

How is Apex Performance Vision Different?

At Apex, we go beyond determining how far someone can read down an eye chart. We focus on the other 16 visual skills that are equally important for performing daily tasks. We remediate deficient skills that lead to a reduced quality of life, we treat vision disorders that masquerade as ADHD and dyslexia, we correct learning-related vision disorders that cause children to struggle with school, we straighten eyes that have strabismus (eye-turns), we improve acuity in people with amblyopia (lazy eye), we rehabilitate people who have lost visual skills due to brain injury, and we augment visuals skills in elite athletes to give them a competitive edge and reduce their likelihood of injury. Simply put, we help people achieve their maximum visual potential to remove their obstacles to achieving their full scholastic, personal, professional, and athletic potential.  We believe that vision training of all forms can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life.

Bella says she no longer gets bad car sickness. Sees so much better with her new glasses. She doesn't bump into things anymore. We are so thankful for all that Dr. Januskey and everyone at Precision Eye Care have done. Kyle did an amazing job with therapy sessions with Bella. We are excited for next year's annual visit.

Bella G.
Pediatric Vision Therapy

Clara's reading has improved immensely including improvement in speed and comprehension. Her balance and coordination has also jumped several levels. She is much more confident across the board. Before VT, she went to the nurse multiple times per week but has only been once this semester for an unrelated problem!

Clara W
Pediatric Vision Therapy
"He has always enjoyed reading books, but now he has greater comprehension of what he is reading. Also, he can actually make baskets while playing basketball. (That was nonexistent a year ago.) He has better balance and coordination over all.  He doesn't complain of his eyes being tired or having headaches.  Vision therapy has improved Wylie's life immensely!"
Wylie B
Pediatric Vision Therapy
I can read faster and better.
Jacob Burchfield
Adult Vision Therapy