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Optometric photo-therapy to reset your nervous system and facilitate vision therapy. 

Our team will reach out to discuss how we can alleviate your symptoms and help you reach your full potential.


Optometric Photo-Therapy

Reset Your Brain

What is Syntonics?

Syntonics, otherwise known as optometric phototherapy, is a non-invasive light therapy treatment. It has been used medically as an effective form of vision therapy for over 70 years! Sytonics comes from the word Syntony. Syntony means “to bring back to balance.” The purpose of syntonics is to reintegrate the nervous system and restore the body to its desired state.

What Conditions and Symptoms do Syntonics Treat?

Syntonics helps with amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye turns), and convergence insufficiency (a condition that interferes with 15% of children’s ability to read). Syntonics can also be an effective treatment for those who suffer from chronic headaches, stress, fluctuating vision, double vision, eye strain or fatigue, poor depth perception, reduced peripheral vision, light sensitivity, night vision problems, poor concentration, poor academic, occupational, or sports performance, poor coordination or balance, or learning disability.  People with a history of concussion, brain injury, or trauma may also benefit from Syntonics. 

Syntonics uses light frequencies to help improve the centers of the brain that regulate your chemical and hormonal balance. There are nerves in the eyes that directly connect to the  pineal gland and hypothalamus, which regulate your sleep-wake cycle and regulate your hormones, respectively. This light therapy technology sends selective light frequencies to these regulatory centers of the brain to rebalance the nervous system.

Medical experts are more optimistic about light therapy than ever before and  light therapy is gradually becoming more popularized in the medical field. Recently, light therapy has become a popular method for those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Certain colors on the visible spectrum of light can significantly influence your mood and behavior. That’s why colored light therapy is an incredibly effective technique to restore proper neurological functioning. Syntonics stimulates the brain, restores balance in the nervous system, and in doing so, improves vision and quality of life.

Am I a Good Candidate for Syntonics?

At Apex Performance Vision, Syntonics is just one method of vision treatment that we offer to aid those whose symptoms could not be fixed with glasses alone.  Usually, Syntonics is paired with vision therapy to provide the best possible outcome.  To discover if Syntonics and vision therapy are right for you, give us a call.  We would love the opportunity to shed some light on the root cause of your symptoms and tailor a treatment program just for you.

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