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Vision Training

What is vision training?  Vision training is an individualized program designed to improve eye skills by performing tasks that challenge the visual system in unique ways.  The unique nature of the exercises build and strengthen neural pathways.  When the training is used to rehabilitate deficient or developmentally delayed eye skills, the training program is called vision therapy.  When the training is designed to hone and enhance eye skills that are already well developed with the goal of providing a competitive edge, the training program is called sports vision.  When the purpose of the training is to teach the brain how to correctly interpret the visual information provided by the eyes, training is called perceptual therapy.  In all cases, the focus is not on training eye muscles, but training the brain to better coordinate between the eyes, more efficiency process our visual world, and integrate with other body systems so that all ocular tasks and visually-influenced tasks become effortless.

Girl doing vision therapy

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can help with a variety of vision disorders including headaches, eye strain, motion sickness and many others.  Think of it as physical therapy for the eyes.


Perceptual Therapy

Perceptual therapy is a type of vision training used to teach the brain how to interpret the information it receives from the eyes.  Perceptual therapy is used to treat developmental delays and to rehabilitate cognitive skills after a traumatic brain injury.  Having strong perceptual skills is necessary for learning and productivity at work.

Sports Vision

Sports Vision Training can improve an athletes response time, peripheral awareness and ability to track multiple moving targets.

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